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Consistent producer of show calves. Easy calving for use on cows. Gamin improves shape, docility, style and milk. Gamin’s daughters have calved easily and their progeny have excellent weight for age. Myostatin F94L. Supplier: Bova AI – 061351233  


Haled – LM7425

Haled is another Rrevs bull qualified on farm, from an excellent maternal bloodline. Haled's progeny are well balanced with an excellent pelvis and backend. His first sons have excelled at the performance test centre sales in France selling to €9,200. Daughters are very milky. Calving ease - 105 Growth - 103 Muscle - 107 Size [...]


Hector GD – LM7428

Hector GD (Rrevs) source Genes Diffusion France Hector qualified Rrevs (top 1%) in 2019, he was bred in the same herd as Rocky, Sablier and Requin. Hector's progeny are easily born and develop quickly with exceptional confirmation and thickness at weaning time. Very suitable for taller bloodlines . Point of note: Hectors dam Calinette has [...]


IO – LM434

IO (LM7434) qualified Rre M after completing his maternal progeny test in France. Combines excellent weight for age, muscle and size with a positive milk figure. Excellent docility. Information from Pierre Roy Crealim suggests to use IO on beefy females to add power and size. Calving ease 100 Growth 109 Muscle 118 Size 100 Milk [...]


JYM – LM4872

A son of the renowned maternal bull Bavardage, daughters will be both growthy and very milky. Very good growth potential. Extremely highly ranked on the total maternal index in France. Best suited towards blockier type cows. Available from Progressive Genetics - 046 9541333 - €21 / straw


Leopard – LM7437

Leopard Mn Rrevs (Lm7437) - Source Interlim France Leopard is qualified in the top 1% of French Limousin. Leopard is breeding very consistently, progeny have a good balance between muscle and size and are very powerful for age with extra pelvic width. Leopards Progeny have excellent breed character - just look at his daughters !! [...]

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