South West Club Calf Championship 2020

The South West Club is hosting its Club Calf Championship for 2020 as a Photo competition.

What do I have to do to enter? Take 4 photos of each calf that you wish to enter.

One photo of the head with the full ear tag visible (this is for ID of the animal only and will not be submitted to the adjudicator).

One photo from the:

  • front
  • side
  • rear

– calves do not need to be haltered and may be photographed outside.


Calves will be classed by age – 3 pedigree bull classes & 3 pedigree heifer classes broken down as follows:

Class 1: Males born 1st May ‘19-31st Aug. ‘19 Class 4: Females born 1st May ‘19-31st Aug. ‘19
Class 2: Males born 1st Sept, ‘19-31st Dec. ‘19 Class 5: Females born 1st Sept, ‘19-31st Dec. ‘19
Class 3: Males born 1st  Jan. ‘20-onwards) Class 6: Females born 1st  Jan. ‘20-onwards)

Class winners will compete for the “Male Champion” and “Female Champion” title – with prize money for both Champions.

Entries should be submitted no later that 5 pm on Friday 31st July. Judging will take place in early August with results announced on Friday August 14th.


⇒For entry form please click here⇐

Please send entries along with entry form to 0879452495 – by text or WhatsApp or by email to

Inquiries please contact Micheal Roche at 0879452495.


July 31st 2020



Micheal 0879452495



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