Keltic herd – Draft heifer Sale

Twelve high index maternal heifers for sale on May 25th at Irish Limousin Society sale Roscommon from the Keltic herd of Teleri Thomas.

Sires include Eravelle, Cameos, OKH, Ironstone, ZAG.

Click here for Catalogue of heifers from the Keltic herd – Lots 95-106


Welcome to our consignment of heifers from the Keltic herd. The herd is focused on breeding milky, fertile females and easy calving bulls and focuses heavily on recording information to try and ensure indexes are as accurate as possible.

The heifers forward include the entire autumn 2017 heifer calf crop and as such represent some of the best breeding cows in the herd. Amongst them are several Kaprico Eravelle daughters which are not easy to find. All the heifers are 4 and 5 star maternal; many with very high milk and maternal indexes. They are only for sale as we are very heavily stocked and need to reduce numbers.
The heifers have been outwintered on kale and straw with some silage and have been fed no meal other than for handling to halter train in the month prior to sale.

The Keltic herd has been part of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme for Johnes since 2002 and has hitherto had no positive reactors making the herd monitored accredited free (risk level1) since 2003. The cows are vaccinated with Leptavoid H and Rispoval IBR inactivated annually as a precaution, but we have no evidence of either disease. We have been part of the BVD eradication programme since its inception with no PIs detected.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have shown an interest in our cattle over the last 10 years and in particular those of you who have bought stock from us. We wish all purchasers the very best with their new heifers.

Heifer from the Keltic herd


May 25th 2019



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