Closing date for entry to March Premier Bull Sale – Friday 19th January

Closing date for entry to the Premier Bull sale which will be held in Roscrea mart on Monday the 5th March 2018 is Friday 19th January 2018.

Entry forms available by clicking here 

Regulations for Entry to Society Sales

  1. Males must be between 12-24 months of age
  2. Females must be over 12 months of age (unless a special Heifer Calf category is
    included in the sale)
  3. Males must weigh 530kgs or more at sale inspection time for all society sales
  4. If 1.7kg average daily weight gain is exceeded by a bull (1.5kg for a heifer) and he/she
    has not been verified at birth, entry to sale will not be allowed
  5. Animals must be in vendors herd for a minimum of 6 months prior to sale
  6. Herds consigning cattle must be actively participating in a CHeCS accredited
    Johnes herd testing programme and have results available at least 10 working
    days before the sale date. This means all animals in the herd that are 24 months and
    over, whether pedigree Limousin or otherwise, are to be tested annually in accordance
    with the rules of CHeCS.
    Note: the onus is on you the herd owner to ensure all information is up-to-date in
    advance of sale day. If a female is under 2 years of age at time of annual Johnes test
    but subsequently turns 2 years of age by the time of a Society sale you will be required
    to test this animal for Johnes before your annual Johnes test.
  7. All animals entered for sale must have tested negative for the BVD Virus once
    within their lifetime. BVD declaration forms are required for animals born before 2013
  8. All bulls will be sold under a Bull Fertility Scheme in conjunction with FBD Insurance
    Ltd. This scheme is mandatory and the premium is paid by the seller
    Bulls must undergo a ‘Veterinary Bull Fertility Examination‘ and an evaluation of
    mouth and eyes. This must be conducted by an approved vet who will provide the
    breeder with a recognised health certificate to be presented to Society officials at the
    relevant sale. A list of approved vets is available on the Society website
  9. All animals must have a valid pedigree certificate at time of submitting entry form to
  10. Use of narcotics or pain suppressants is strictly forbidden at Society sales
  11. Random checks for sedatives, growth promoters and DNA will be carried out at the sale
  12. White coats must be worn during the show
  13. All bulls have a ring in their nose. Iron halters are forbidden at Society sales
Additional Regulations for Entry to Premier Sales
  1. In order to be eligible to enter Roscrea Premier Sales breeders must be participating in
    the Whole Herd Performance Scheme (WHPR) with relevant stamp obtained.
  2. All animals must be export tested
  3. Minimal weight for age applies for Males in Premier Sales – details available from the
    Limousin website.
  4. Animals entered must satisfy the 1.7kg Rule, have an ADG of less than 1.7kgs/day (1.5
    kg for females) from birth to linear scoring & weighing subject to verification.
  5. Animals must enter the Sale Centre the evening/night before the sale


January 19th 2018






Roscrea Mart, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary

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