Begsrieve herd dispersal sale – August 22nd – Catalogue now available

Click here for Catalogue – BEGSRIEVE HERD SALE – 22ND AUGUST – ARDEE MART

  • 53 heifers (all born prior to 31st July 2019 with 43 genotyped 4 or 5 stars eligibility for the BDGP scheme, consisting of both in-calf and maiden heifers and is a complete clearance of all females within the age bracket).
  • 10 cows – 7 with calves at foot and the remaining 3 in calf.
  • A small selection of young bull

This sale offers an opportunity to purchase quality animals from a long established herd founded in 1984 where the emphasis has been on using the best genetics available to breed functionally correct quality animals which are easily fed.

All animals in the sale are 100% bred by AI sires.

No animals have got any meal to get them ready for the sale – cattle will not be washed, combed or clipped .

This sale, which is on behalf of Mr. Dermot Rowe, Begsrieve House, Lobinstown, Navan, Co. Meath is the first half of a full dispersal of the Begsrieve Herd and is due to a change in farm enterprise. The remainder of the herd will be sold in 2021 – they need to be retained in the herd for the duration of the BDGP scheme.

Of the animals on offer

  • 17 heifers are five star
  • 12 of the five star heifers are incalf
  • Lots 1, 2, and 4 sell with their 5 star bull calves at foot (these three calves are by Ewdenvale Ivor LM2014 and have 5 star ratings in both Maternal and Terminal traits).

The sale takes place on Saturday 22nd August at 12pm in Ardee Livestock Mart, Co. Louth – Click here for Catalogue

The remaining Senior female section of the herd will go to auction in 2021.

Enquiries to Dermot on 087 6630211

In addition to the animals already listed as in-calf in the catalogue the following lots were scanned in-calf on 17th August:

Lot 3 Keeper by Elite Foreverbrill (TVR) scanned in-calf to Damona (DMM) served 10/7/20
Lot 26 Nectar by Gamin scanned in-calf to Dimoiwii (LM2388) served 7/7/20
Lot 28 Normandy by Gerrygullinane Glen scanned in-calf to Moondharrig Knell LM4217 served 27/7/20
Lot 30 Newgig by Valerian scanned in-calf to Dimoiwii (LM2388) served 22/7/20
Lot 31 Nirvana by Begsrieve Lion scanned in-calf to Moondharrig Knell (LM4217)served 10/7/20
Lot 32 Nymph by Damona scanned in-calf to Dimoiwii (LM2388) served 4/7/20
Lot 34 Nightingale by Cameos scanned in-calf to Dimoiwii (LM2388) served 26/7/20
Lot 55 Nena by Tomschoice Jet served on 31/01/20 to Moondharrig Knell LM4217 scanned in-calf
Lot 56 Nasa by Cameos served to Castleview Gazelle (ZAG) on 9/12/19 scanned in calf

Pictured below are some of the Lots that are on offer on Saturday 22nd August in Ardee Mart….

Lot 1 Begsrieve Kare

Three generations left to right – Lot 13, lot 18 and Lot 6

Lot 13 and Lot 6 – Mother and daughter

Lot 6 Begsrieve Cool by Milbrook Tanko

Lot 28 Begsrieve Normandy by Gerrygullinane Glen

Lot 28 Begsrieve Normandy by Gerrygullinane Glen

Lot 26 Begsrieve Nectar, a 5 star daughter of Gamin

Lot 24 Begsrieve Nigella, a daughter of Loyal

Lot 19 Begsrieve Nurse, a 5-star daughter of Cameos

Lot 17 Begsrieve Milkmaid, a 5-star daughter of Tomschoice Jet

Lot 17, Milkmaid by Tomschoice Jet

Lot 16 Begsrieve Nazdaq, a 5-star daughter of Tomschoice Jet

Lot 16, 5-star daughter of Tomschoice Jet “Begsrieve Nazdaq”

Lot 14 Begsrieve Minx, an incalf daughter of Doudou

Lot 13 Begsrieve Kool, a daughter of Volcan



August 22nd 2020



Dermot on 087 6630211



Ardee Livestock Mart, Co. Louth

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