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Limousin: The Breed that can deliver profit

With farm profit harder to achieve each year it is becoming vital that farmers become aware of any opportunity to increase their income. Limousin cattle can definitely play a role in achieving increased profitability in all livestock sectors.

For dairy farmers Limousin can add value to calf sales without compromising on calving difficulty, an essential requirement on any dairy farm. Likewise Lim X Friesian make ideal suckler cows and are in high demand throughout the country due to their ability to calf easily, produce and rear a high value calf. For the dairy farmer who finishes his own cattle Limousin can once again help to improve returns through, feed efficiency, high kill-out, good grades. Limousin cattle are versatile and can be finished at different ages without compromising price.

Suckler farmers can also reap the benefits of using Limousin through easy calving (very important with most farms single labour units.) Limousin cattle grow quickly and have the ability to achieve a high price due to demand from both the export and home trade who recognise the potential of Limousin cattle. Suckler farmers can also have the added benefit of being able to produce their own relacements for the herd at first cost and without compromising animal health (closed herd).

The Irish Limousin Society are conscious of what Irish farmers require and are always looking at ways to improve farmer satisfaction. One example is Docility which would have been a worry, however the society have been to the fore in addressing this issue and now have a list of high docility sires to help farmers in their sire selection.

This is what some Limousin users have to say:

“I am using Lim X Fr cows for 20 years and they make ideal suckler cows. Cows with plenty of milk, great longevity and an ability to produce a quality animal.”
Derek Deane
“Finishes Lim bull beef, finds the Limousin high quality with good kill-out. Docility has improved and will be using an easy calving Limousin bull with the dairy herd.”
Eamon Power
“Lm x Fr dams have size and abundance of milk capable of producing any type of continental calf at low cost.”
Richard Hartnett , Castleisland Mart
“Demand outstrips supply continually for Lim x calves.”
Michael Harty, Central Auctions Nenagh
“Lm x Fr results in easy calving getting quality stock and obtaining premium prices.”
Philip White, Dairy farmer Rathdowney, Laois
“You cant beat Limousin for producing the top quality animal for export or for the show ring.”
Patrick Haugh, Top price at winter fatstock Kilkenny ‘08
“For us the answer is simple, we use only Limousin. We have experimented with different breeds over the years but Limousin has it all; superior beefing qualities, maternal efficiency and ease of management.”
Dermot and Margaret Lehane, The Suckler Farmer: 80-cow suckler herd in Co. Cork
“Crossing Limousin on Holsteins you get excellent muscle expression without compromising calving ease. My bullocks are finished on farm achieving excellent carcase weights and good grades. My females are sold as suckler replacements at a premium price. Limousin stock bulls have excellent serving capacity and legs and feet and survivability which especially is important in large herds.”
Jim Parkinson, The Dairy Farmer: 60 cow dairy herd in Co. Tipperary.
“It is critical to have an easily managed cattle as time is valuable and punctuality is critical for off-farm work. The Limousin is the best and easiest route for part-time farmers who want to combine quality cattle and profitability with quality of life for themselves.”
Jackie Casey, The Part-Time Farmer: 50-sucker cow unit in Co. Kerry.
“Limousin cattle allow me the opportunity to play the markets and achieve a high %U grade cattle due to flexibility in their finishing weight and their ability to consistently grade U. They are hardy, thrive well in the feedlot and have fewer problems with pneumonia, injuries and legs and feet. This means less labour and veterinary costs and ultimately more profit.”
The Galvin Brothers, The Finisher: have been finishing cattle for 25 years with on average 600 cattle each year.
“My customers want lean, tender tasty beef, that is why I sell 100% Limousin in my shop. The percentage of lean tender beef is greater by far than any other breed and texture is first class.”
P.J. McDonnell, The Butcher: Co. Dublin.
“Limousin meat is palatable due to its fine muscle fibres. The low levels of fat perfectly suit today’s health conscious consumer who still demands a good eating experience.”
The Campbell Family, The Consumer: Hi-Way Restaurant in Limerick.