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The South West Limousin Club held a field evening on the farm of Sean O’Cinneide, Ard na Caithne, Ballyferriter, Co Kerry on Wednesday July 15th. All were very impressed by the quality and extreme docility of the Limousin on display. The outstanding animals were matched by the fabulous scenery in this most beautiful part of the country. It was difficult to maintain focus on the stock and the speakers given the beautiful surroundings.

Res Senior Male Champion Wood Road Cyril

Res Senior Male Champion Wood Road Cyril

Res Senior Male Champion Wood Road Cyril

Sean farms a combination of pedigree and commercial cattle on a number of farms dotted around the peninsula. His first pedigree Limousin cow was purchased in 1991 and was recently sold at the age of 18!

For his breeding program Sean predominantly uses AI. He also uses his impressive and extremely docile (9 year old) Dauphin stock bull.

Res Senior Male Champion Wood Road Cyril

Stock bull on the farm of Sean O’Cinneide

Questions from visitors to the farm included “How do you keep all your stock so docile?” Sean responded by saying that over the years he took great advice from respected breeders such as Seamus Cody on the most docile bulls for breeding and backed this with an effective culling policy.

When asked “Who did he find were the best mothers”? He responded Malibu, Geant and Litron.

Doreen Corridan gave a very interesting and informative presentation on “Herd Health” Programme for Breeders and answered a number of questions with support from Sean O’Sullivan. Animal Health is of such importance that Doreen’s motto is “doing nothing is not an option”.

Res Senior Male Champion Wood Road Cyril

Pat Sheehan, Chairman SW Limousin Club with  Sean O’Cinneide and Doreen Corridan

At the end of the event all were invited back up to the O’Cinneide home where a very pleasant and enjoyable evening was had by all. It was delightful to watch the ease at which Sean and his neighbours conversed and switched so easily from Irish to English. (Perhaps the bi-lingual farming is the real reason for the docility)!

Chairman Pat Sheehan offered his sincere thanks to Sean and his family for hosting the event and made a presentation to him on behalf of the club.

Ann Curtin, PRO South West Limousin Club


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