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The Irish Limousin Stand at the Ploughing Championships had a good location at the end of a central track way and was well attended all week. The cattle display included pedigrees kindly exhibited by the Crawford Brothers, Donal Moloney, Dan and Edward Tynan, Noel Kenny and Thomas Swaine. Opposite these were commercial cattle displaying the virtues and ability of the breed to deliver at farm level.

The information area including video display, merchandise, leaflets and hospitality was very busy. There is no doubt there was great interest in the breed, now number one beef breed in Ireland, from both a pedigree and commercial perspective.

The food unit selling Certified Limousin Beef Steaks and Burgers was also kept very busy and the product very well received.

NPA 1 Outside view of Ploughing Stand 2013

Outside view of Ploughing Stand 2012

NPA 2 Limousin Burgers and Steaks well received

Limousin Burgers and Steaks well received

NPA 3Ploughing 2012

Visitors at the ILCS stand

NPA 4 Ploughing Information area

Limousin information area

NPA 5 Oldest Cow Winners John and Noel Smyth

Oldest Cow Winners John and Noel Smyth

NPA 6 Crawford Pedigree

Crawford’s pedigree cattle

NPA 7 Pedigrees

Pedigree cattle on display

NPA 8LM pedigrees at the ploughing

Pedigree cattle on display

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