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Herds Competition 2009:

The 2009 herds competition saw a large entry, which resulted in the services of three judges being required.

The Donegal area was judged by Mr & Mrs Peter & Pat Alexander From The Mains of Mausse, Blairgowrie Scotland. The Alexanders operate an extensive beef and sheep enterprise and have invested heavily in the Limousin breed both for their suckler dams and their terminal sires.

Similar to 2008 the weather proved to be poor however the judges were not deterred and carried out their task in a very proficient and humoured manner. It was very encouraging to see the increasing number of people joining this competition. This is a chance for breeders to display their cattle in a competitive manner without having any inconvenience, the cattle are judged in a relaxed manner out in the fields in their own surroundings.

Breeders also enjoy the experience of discussing breeding and comparing opinions with the judges. One very encouraging fact of the 2009 herds competition was that each of our judges purchased animals either during or subsequently after the competition, which in itself was a testament to the quality of animals on display.

The judges spoke highly of the quality of the animals and were surprised that more people were not going out to shows to display and promote their herds.We would like to sincerely thank all our judges for both giving their time and carrying out their task in such a professional and detailed manner.

Likewise we would like to extend our gratitude to the breeders for their excellent hospitality and also to everybody who helped to escort and transport judges, these are all factors that have made the herds competition such a success. We look forward to the 2010 competition - good luck to all.


  • 1st Martin Doherty - Liss
  • 2nd John Greene - Greenhill
  • 3rd Claire and Michael Gallagher - Mongorry View
  • Best bull born in 2008 - Liss Dingo
  • Best heifer born in 2008 - Greenhill Donna
  • Best group of calves - Liss herd

Martin Doherty

1st Martin Doherty

John Greene

2nd John Greene

Michael Gallagher

3rd Claire & Michael Gallagher

Best bull born in 2008

Best heifer born in 2008

Best group of calves




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