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At the launch of the Heifer Carcase competition were, Back John O’Grady, Gerry Meehan, Donal Houlihan and Front John Connell, Austin Finn

In January Irish Limousin ran a very successful Cow Carcase Competition in conjunction with Ashbourne Meats in Rocscrea. This competition highlighted the high value of Limousin Culls, Limousin Carcase quality and set a good cull price for the spring.

It again proved the Finishing Ability and Carcase Quality of Limousin.

The cow competition will run again next spring. But to expand on the theme and to continue to develop the Limousin Brand, and most importantly to maximise market returns for Limousin Breeders and Customers we are going to run a Heifer Carcase Competition in December of this year.

The Heifer competition will be open to Limousin and Limousin Cross.

There will be two categories

Maiden Heifers, Under 24 months, Carcase Weight 300 to 400 kg

Once Calved Heifers, Maximum age 36 to 42 months.

The Once Calved Heifer is a category of animal presently not achieving its true market return. The Carcase and meat eating quality of these animals was recognised in Ireland in the past and is still held in very high regard in many parts of Europe. Irish Limousin and Ashbourne Meats want to re-establish this tradition and quality. Limousin as the Carcase Breed and famous for its Market Flexibility is ideal to develop this niche.

Market feedback has indicated that produced to spec Once Calved Heifers can return grid based steer prices to the farmer. Ashbourne Meats intend to pay Steer Price.

All Limousin Breeders and users are invited to consider this competition for suitable maiden or once calved Heifers. This again proves the market Flexibility of Limousin, Heifers can go for Breeding or Meat.

John O’Grady 087 4157379 will be co-ordinating entries.




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